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KDS NIDHIwas incorporated and declared the Central Government of India in the year of 2019. KDS Nidhi ltd. is in compliance with all statutory requirements and regulation issued by Reserve Bank of India. Nidhi Companies are NBFC but they have been exempted from the requirements of registration under section 45-1A of the R.B.I. Act, 1934. Subject to certain condition, KDS Nidhi Companies are regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India Companies that do financial business but regulated by other regulators are given specific exemption by the Reserve Bank from its regulatory requirements for avoiding duality of regulation . Nidhi means a Company which has been incorporate as a Nidhi with the object of cultivating the habit of Thrift and Savings amongst its members receiving deposit and lending to its members only.

It may also be mentioned the mortgage guarantee companies have been loan notified as Non-Bnaking Financial Companies under section 45-1(f)(iii) of the RBI Act 1934, core investment companies with asset size of less than Rs. 100 cror and those with asset size of Rs.100 crore and above but not accessing public funds are exempted from regulatory with the RBI. Currently operation in the state of West Bengal. The source of funds is from its members. The loans are given at comparatively less rate of interest than the Banks in India. Our all savings interest rate is comparatively high of any other Indian Bank. KDS Nidhi has the rules and objective of that same as a Bank, but is only in effect to someone ( a members group) who has agreed or joined this agreement as a Bank, but also to do business for its members only. So if the term is a quassi-Bank.

I think that the rules & objectives of that are the same like the commercial bank.But this things are only in effect to someone ( a members group) who has agree/join on this agreement as if a bank, but not the one honored to do business for public performing through Banking System which comes under the NIDHI, NBFC and RBI KDS NIDHI is introducing a lot of innovative ideas day by day to make out nation financially strong and that is the reason we are one of the faster growing Nidhi Company cum Bank in the industry. The way we provide service to our members is for better than others and we are trying to make it much better as our aim is to provide extreme level service to people as well as to our Nation. In a word we can say that KDS NIDHI is the new way of your savings.

TheKDS NIDHI, Its main object is to encourage and afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, savings habits and to render all, financial assistance to its member only by receiving long and short term deposits and in particulars Savings A/c, Recurring, Daily, Fixed, MIS and other deposit as are allowed by law for Nidhi and to grant loans to the members only as against securities of immovable properties and or on the security of deposits, movable such as gold, silver, jewellery, kishan vikas patra, national savings certificates scheme, insurance policies and other governments securities on such terms and condition as may from time to time prescribed in law for nidhi.


KDS NIDHI ltd. reaches that point from where we means all my employee and members together with high colors for this in future aspect we want to increase my members and employees as far as possible.


create the awareness about savings and value of the money so that they can change their life style, our mission is to create an employee with loyalty , reliability and hard work. Our mission to change thought of public regarding their lifestyle and development.

Share capital and allotment

The membership of KDS NIDHI is open to individuals who became a share holder. KDS NIDHI shall issue equality shares of normal value of not less than ten rupees each. The membership of KDS NIDHI is restricted to individual member only.KDS NIDHI must never admit any corporate body or any trust as its member. Teenager/minor shall not be allowed to become a member ofKDS NIDHI. No service charge shall be put upon for issue of shares of KDS NIDHI

KDS NIDHI allows at least a minimum of ten equity shares equivalent to one hundred rupees. At least one equity share of ten rupees should be allotted to a savings account holder and a recurring deposit holder. No service charge shall be put upon for issue of shares of the KDS NIDHI

Message from Chairman cum Managing Director

Dr. G. C. Baidya initiated setting up of KDS NIDHI Ltd. Dr. G. C. Baidya is a reputed Microfinance expertise with more than three decades of experience in India and internationally. Dr. G. C. Baidya is one of the pioneers in the state of West Bengal. He has a deep knowledge of the Indian and global thrift and savings. He has best the governance practices as well as risk management experience. It has senior banking professionals that take care of risk based supervision and corporate Governance. Dr. G. C. Baidya for 25 years have been working on empowerment of rural women SC. ST and Other Backward Classes with special focus on providing financial services to the SC, ST and other financial backward community.

Dr. G. C. Baidya
M.D. / CEO
KDS Nidhi Banking

Board of Directors

Dr. Gopal Chandra Baidya
Miss. Priyanka Baidya
Miss. Damayanti Das

Key Management

Dr. Gopal Chandra Baidya Managing Director
Mobile: 9433231375
Email: gopalkdsbanking@gmail.com